Minecraft Live 2022 Camel Concept

Minecraft 1.20 Concept

Welcome back. Minecraft Live 2022 just wrapped up Although not much was revealed so far amid the new announcement strategy of Mojang, I liked the concept of Camels that was shown. So without further ado: Camels: Long story short, they can do everything that was shown in the Minecraft preview. Rafts: Rafts are also introduced …

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Mob Vote 2022

Mob Vote 2022 Concept

Welcome back. Although I missed last year’s mob vote concept, I decided to get back to my habits, presenting the Mob vote concept of 2022! This year’s Mob votes presents some interesting mobs, The Sniffer: The sniffer is an ancient lost giant dinosaur, with distinct colors and the ability to find lost plant seeds (Not …

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ORES+ released!

Hello everyone! We’ve released a new survival-adventure map, live right now on the Minecraft Marketplace Get it here ORES+ adds dozens of new ores for you to mine, with massive beautiful caves for you to discover and dozens more crafting recipes and tools to craft. ORES+ features really cool new mechanics from 3D items to …

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We are Online!

Reconstructed the website from the grounds up. One more step toward releasing my biggest project to date and I’m excited about the future. Keep posted.